Yepyeni Bir Podcast: Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek

Yepyeni bir podcast ile karşınızdayız 🙌 Konu güncel! Herkesin ilgi odağı; Bitcoin, kripto paralar ve blok zinciri konuşuyoruz. Fiyat hareketlerini bir kenara bıraktık, ekosistemden haberler ve teknoloji odaklı içerikleri ele alıyoruz.  İlk bölümde, bu podcast ne hakkında olacak onu konuştuk. Aşağıya videosunu bırakıyorum.  Haftalık 20 dakikalık bölümlerimizi dinleyin, merkeziyetsiz gelişmelerden geri kalmayın! Hedeflerimizi ve içeriğimizi daha iyi…

What Is the Best Trading Tool You Can Get for Free?

Don’t listen to the fancy indicator pitches. You already have the best trading tool one can get. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” — Aristotle It may sound extravagant to start a trading story with a self-awareness quote. Yet, I cannot think of better entry to this story than these wise words of Aristotle. Once you…

The Best Podcasts to Guide You on a Path Through Wealth

Building wealth is a life-long journey, full of ups and downs. To reach the peak, you need the right set of tools beside you. There are many ways to build wealth but I’ll be talking about the way through investing in this piece. Investing is one of the ultimate paths to building wealth, and despite many…

5 Excellent Pieces of Advice on Investing in Stocks

When it comes to stocks, those who have an opinion exceed those with no idea. Here are some ideas worthy of your attention. An investment professional, Michael Burry, was one of the few who predicted the 2008 mortgage crisis and the financial collapse. That day, lots of people were thinking that the housing market is…

Why One Analytics Company Is Hedging Their Bets by Buying Bitcoin?

MicroStrategy recently shared its new strategy of diversifying its portfolio with $250 million worth of bitcoin. “Our investment in Bitcoin is part of our new capital allocation strategy, which seeks to maximize long-term value for our shareholders,” — Michael J. Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy Incorporated. These words belong to the CEO of one of the most valuable business analytics…

Are You Ready to Replace POS Terminals With iPhones?

Apple’s latest acquisition foreshadows a new payment innovation coming to iPhones. Apple Inc. acquired Mobeewave Inc. for $100 million on August 3, 2020. This news is quite crucial to foresee the roadmap for Apple’s Payment services. After introducing Apple Pay in October 2014, the tech giant has accelerated its fintech investments and innovations significantly. After adding cards…

A Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Stop Picking Stocks to Start Making Money

Plus the one golden rule that all successful investors agree on. “The reality is there will always be a lure to try and beat the market, especially since those who have beat it consistently are revered so highly” — Bill Miller, Peter Lynch, billionaire hedge fund managers There’s a definite thrill of going up against the market and venturing to…

The Internet Is More Vulnerable Than You Think

The internet may be more centralized and more vulnerable than we think. It may also be under serious threat from political risks. High profile accounts on Twitter being hacked, Cloudflare network going down, and Russia experimenting on a closed internet are not drawing a bright picture for the future. Yet, there is still hope!

Can You Build a Startup Anywhere in the World?

As the 100 meters sprint races have a psychological limit of 10 seconds, the startups also have a similar limit at $1 Billion valuation to be a “unicorn”. Especially in developing countries, being a unicorn has numerous challenges. Turkey’s first tech unicorn Peak Games shows that your geography doesn’t have to set your course.

How to Append Your Sheets on the Cloud

Running python notebooks in Colab can significantly ease your daily tasks. Google provides you some free CPU, and even a small scale GPU that’s perfect for running simple tasks through its hosted Jupyter notebook app called Google Colab. Just run your code on the cloud and interact with your Google Drive files in 6 simple steps.

Is It Now the Time to Replace the Banks with DeFi?

Blockchain innovations keep bringing us new and exciting products. After standard cryptocurrencies, the evolution continued with ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings), Smart Contracts, etc. and now it’s time for DeFi (decentralized finance). It’s here to replace banks but it may still be a bit early.

How Much Time Do You Need to Double Your Money?

Benjamin Graham came up with the rule of 72 and mentioned it in his book The Intelligent Investor. The rule says, when you divide the rate of the annual return/interest rate to 72, the result gives you the number of years required to double your money. It’s the most practical way to forecast the growth of your invested savings.