The Biggest Wealth Transfer in Decades

businesses and individuals during the Covid-19 crisis and amplified economic inequality. Money is transferred from traditional industry to tech stocks, growth start-ups to rich in cash giants, offline businesses to online businesses.

Is FED Really Trying to Protect the U.S. Economy?

FED has been printing money and buying all the corporate bonds and stocks since the beginning of Covid-19 crisis. Can this really bring long term economical recovery or is it just Powell and Trump’s power play at the expense of U.S economy by creating a big bubble?

Will Bitcoin Halving Lead Its Price to 1 Million Dollars?

What was all that fuss about halving and is it worth talking about this much? In the last couple of months, wherever you looked in the Bitcoin community, from subreddits to crypto twitter, blog posts to medium articles, most of the posts were about infamous Bitcoin halving. Finally, long-waited Bitcoin halving took place on 11th of May,…

What Achilles and Tortoise Have to Do With Bitcoin?

A glimpse at the pre-Socratic Greek era to understand today! Imagine Achilles and tortoise decide to race and tortoise starts the race in front of Achilles, in a distance of A. In order Achilles to pass tortoise, he needs to catch it first. However, to catch the tortoise, Achilles first needs to complete the half…

Time’s Up for Euro, Dollar and All Centralized Paper Money!

Centralized vs Decentralized & Paper vs Digital Just before the Civil War in the U.S. there were around 8000 different local currencies in use(Smithsonianmag, 2012). Also unlike today, two neighbor countries weren’t supposed to use U.S. Dollars to trade with each other back then. Actually, it wasn’t until 1914 that The Federal Reserve Board issued the…

The Ultimate Investment Advice: Don’t Take Trading Tips from Billionaires

They all became billionaires with their unique sets of ideas, not with the tips from the TV! There are many thought leader billionaires like Warren Buffet, John Bogle, Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio, etc. These people are where they are today, because of the way they think, their comprehensive understanding of the markets, self-discipline, and self-awareness among…

Don’t be Tricked by Short-term Market Moves

On the 20th of February 2020, you woke up and saw the markets have started crashing, triggered by the news about the novel corona virus, Covid-19. All the stocks kept going down everyday. Once they stopped going down and turned upwards, you’ll most likely buy with the fear of missing out and trapped in a dead cat bounce. Don’t!

What Can Stop People from Panic Selling?

Panic buying and panic selling are some of the most common traps traders fall into. To be a successful trader, you first need to control your emotions. However, you’re not all alone in your fight and there are some measures in place, like circuit breakers, to prevent you from panic selling your precious S&P 500 company stock.

A Question Worth Billions and its Answer

Every trader/investor would like to brag about how they have bought an asset cheap and sold expensive. However, everyone that has achieved real success in investing knows that it’s a useless game to catch the bottoms or tops in a market. In this article, we examine one of the methods real pros use: Dollar-Cost-Averaging.

3 Potential Benefits of Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling on the Gig Economy

Blockchain is still an early-stage technology that is trying to find its direction on growth. One of the biggest challenges standing in front of this growth is scaling. Let’s have a look together on how blockchains should scale and what are the impacts of Layer 2 scaling on the Gig Economy.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Nedir?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Nedir? 2016 yılında DOA adlı bir yatırım fonunun 168 milyon dolarlık bir fon ile Ethereum blok zincirinde oluşturduğu akıllı kontrat, pek çok güvenlik açığı bulunduğu için hacklendi. Milyonlarca dolarlık Ether’in çalınmasına sebep olan bu olay üzerine DAO ve Ethereum toplulukları, blok zincirini hack öncesi döneme geri sararak mağdurların çalınan kripto paralarına tekrar…

Monetha (MTH) Nedir?

Monetha (MTH) Nedir? Küresel ticareti daha güvenilir ve erişilebilir kılma amacıyla yola çıkan Monetha, yolculuğuna 2017 yılında 18 dakikada 37 milyon dolar topladığı ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ile başladı. Kişiler arası bilgi ve finansal varlık transferi, ödeme sistemi ve perakende çözümlerini blok zinciri kullanarak farklılaştırmayı hedefleyen şirket, Monetha (MTH) adını verdiği kripto parasını da bu…